Kelly Osbourne Is Designing a Line Of Plus-Size Clothing

Kelly Osbourne has been sharing her opinions about style for three years on E's Fashion Police, and now she's going to use that expertise for a more hands-on project: She's designing a line of plus-size clothing.

"I had one of the most exciting meetings of my life this week — it pretty much green-lit my clothing line," she explained at a summit last week. Apparently, Kelly has been hoping to move into design for more than a year. "When I sat down in this meeting and they said, 'Yes, you have creative control and of course you can do plus-size,' I was like, 'It's happening!'"

The news of her line comes at the perfect time. Two weeks ago, Project Runway host Tim Gunn made headlines across the web when he harshly criticized the state of plus-size clothing, calling out designers for their refusal to embrace larger body types, and noting that most available plus size clothing is unflattering and patently un-chic.

If there's anyone to fix that problem, it's Kelly Osbourne. Though the star has lost a good deal of weight since her teen days on The Osbournes, girl's still got curves — and knows how to dress them.

It's still unclear if her clothing line will be exclusively plus-size, or if it will cater to all sizes, but either way, we can't wait to see how her funky aesthetic translates into off-the-red-carpet style. And whether or not Joan Rivers will approve, obviously.