'Horror Movie Daycare' Seems Like A Handful

Remember in The Incredibles when A+ babysitter Becky got way more than she bargained for when her charge started repeatedly bursting into flames? I think we all really felt for Becky in that moment. This Halloween we've got another terrifying babysitting situation: Horror Movie Daycare, in which one brave woman attempts to instill the values of good citizenship into the creepy children from horror movies. Or at least, you know, keep them not-dead (or not more dead) until whoever's in charge of them picks them up.

So how do you deal with the child stars of movies like The Ring and The Shining? It seems like a pretty challenging job, but the woman who runs the place seems pretty well-equipped — as she recalls, before this she was a nurse in a mental hospital that burned down, and after that burned down she was a governess in an old orphanage (that also burned down). And she's got a pretty good handle on these kids, it would seem: They're still just as mind-bendingly creepy as ever, but she knows just the kind of books to read to them to calm their ravaged, tortured souls. All she's got to do is get that vomiting problem under control.

Image: Comedy Central