Katy Perry Surprises World, Saves Feminism

"Blurred Lines" has, unfortunately, been the song of the summer, turning up virtually everywhere in Robin Thicke's valiant attempt to liberate the American woman. It even threatened to become the most popular Hot 100 song of all time, with 12 weeks at number one. Like Leia to Obi-Wan in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, we sent out a plea into the world along with the wish that someone, somewhere would just make it stop already. "Help us, Katy Perry, you're our only hope." And it appears Perry's ready for her hero's journey, because her girl-power anthem "Roar" has finally unseated "Blurred Lines."

It's actually kind of the perfect song to take "Blurred Lines'" place and right the Billboard world: While "Blurred Lines" drew criticism for trivializing lines of consent, Perry's "Roar" chronicles a young woman as she declares she's had enough of being passive and decides to let the world hear her "roar."

Rejoice, all! Feminism has been saved! Our unlikely hero came in the form of Katy Perry, but who doesn't love a good underdog story?

Maybe now we can all finally get the image of Thicke grinding up against Miley Cyrus in that Beetlejuice costume out of our minds.