Zanna Roberts Rassi Doesn't Just Mentor Designers

With the new season of Project Runways All Stars premiering Thursday, you can expect to see a lot of familiar faces on your television screen. Among them, is Zanna Roberts Rassi, the designers' mentor on Project Runway . Rassi has mentored the designers on the show before, offering much needed guidance in the work room when designs are becoming fashion disasters. She is the Tim Gunn of All Stars, but outside of her role as a mentor for the returning designers, she keeps extremely busy in the world of fashion.

Whether you recognize her from Project Runway or her multiple appearances as a correspondent for red carpet events, this new mom of twins is sure to seem familiar to you in many ways. From a leading job at a national magazine, to multiple fashion collaborations with gigantic stores — Target, anyone? — Rassi seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the fashion world, making her the perfect person to mentor the designers. And although the designers have been known to ignore the sage advice of their mentors, I would strongly recommend that this seasons' batch of returning designers pay attention to what Rassi tells them. She might not have a signature phrase like Gunn to "make it work," but she certainly knows how to. Here's everything you need to know about Project Runway's Zanna Roberts Rassi.

Marie Claire

Rassi is currently the Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire. In her position she styles many of the magazine's fashion features, which proves she has the eye to tell the designers what works and what doesn't.

E! News

As a fashion correspondent for E! News, you have definitely seen or at least heard Rassi dishing on celebrity fashions for the show. In addition to E! News, Rassi also talks all things fashion on NBC's Today Show, and has appeared on Fashion Police many times before.

Red carpets

Rassi has covered many red carpets for E!, allowing her to interview many famous faces — like these two Project Runway judges!

Consulting with major brands

Rassi also uses her fashion eye to style and consult with major brands like Target.

Her kids

And after all of that, she still manages to be one of the cutest moms ever to twins Juno and Rumi, who — if this photo is any indication — will always be dressed to perfection.

Images: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime