Where do MTV's Slednecks Live?

Depending on your level of morbid curiosity, you're either excitedly awaiting or absolutely dreading MTV's upcoming reality show Slednecksyes, it sounds like Rednecks. We all noticed. The show follows some sexy youths hailing from Wasilla, Alaska while they ice fish, sled, and generally raise a ruckus in their sleepy town (often ditching their parkas and donning bikinis instead, weather be damned). So just where is Wasilla, the town the Slednecks call home?

It's located in rural Alaska, with a population of just under 8,500 people. It also rose to fame as the town that elected political nightmare Sarah Palin as its Mayor. While we probably won't stop associating Palin's legacy with Wasilla anytime soon, there is the hope that the show will expose audiences to a different side of Alaska we might not be aware of. Wasilla plays the sleepy sister city to Anchorage, just south of it. Hailing from the latter, Slednecks cast member Amber is pegged as the "loud" city girl who is "feminine" (because I suppose the sledding and fishing local gals are somehow "masculine").

Perhaps the single greatest charm of Wasilla and its surrounding communities are the natural wonders and attractions available at just a hop skip and a jump away. As MTV points out on the Slednecks blog, in addition to the sledding and the snowboarding, Williams Reindeer Farm in Alaska also grants you access to actual real live reindeer, for the bargain price of eight bucks. If you were keeping track, "reindeer farm half an hour away" is definitely one to add to your list of Wasilla pros. Trip Advisor suggests the beauty of Wasilla isn't found in fancy park attractions or monuments, but in ATV rides and the like, where you get to delve into the local geographic flavor. If photojournalists are any indication, Alaska is full of breathtaking sites set against stark white snow, in an an almost dreamlike manner.

That dreamlike snowscape will eventually be torn through by the snowmobiles and hollering of MTV's latest batch of reality stars. We'll have to wait and see how all that turns out.

Image: MTV; Michael Boyter/Flickr