Student Sinks Four Insane Basketball Shots In A Row, Wins $10,000, The World Is Perfect For Exactly One Minute – VIDEO

Are you ready to get your happy-cry on? You know you are. Okay, here we go: A Bryan College student recently nailed four basketball shots, winning $10,000 in college tuition. This, clearly, is the greatest. My favorite part about the entire thing is that the video ends in the way every above average quality film about someone beating the odds at a sporting event should: All of the young champion's classmates running the court and mobbing him, in an awesome expression of genuine excitement over A) having just seen true, live basketball badassery, and B) their classmate just a not-small chunk of his tuition paid for. When one student gets to leave school with even a little less debt, we all celebrate.

It's cool of his college to give one of their own a shot like this, but it does slightly smack of a scary Hunger Games-esque future where our own spawn's fitness for high education will be judge by their ability to do stuff like slay other students on a tiny island and come out relatively emotionally and physically unscathed. But whatever: Basketball!

Look at how this kid is all, "Whatever, now this is happening," and just all casual-like continues getting basket after basket. He doesn't even really pause between shots. In fact, I'd say I was positive that he would miss 4 out of those 4 shots. Okay, that's an exaggeration. I knew he wasn't going to miss because of the title of the video, but if that's NOT what the video had been called, if it had been called something like "Maybe This Kid Wins Money?" I would have been unsure of the outcome.

I never win stuff like this. Admittedly, it's not as though I willingly participate in a lot of sports-competitions-for-cash opportunities. That is because I am terrible at all sports. Well, not all: Once, in 7th grade, I got 4th place in a long jump contest. I think I might even still have the ribbon somewhere. It's no $10,000 but it felt pretty nice at the time. At church, when I was a young and surly teen, I correctly guessed how many rolls of Pez were in a jar, but no money crossed hands. I did, however, get to take home that entire monster-sized jar of Pez, though, and really, that's all I wanted. In fact, I should probably participate more in candy-based competitions. That's when my real competitive streak comes out: When there is sugar involved.

Image: FookinPrawns/YouTube