4 Beauty Service Apps That Will Do Your Halloween Makeup Because, Come On, Those YouTube Tutorials Are Unrealistic

The final countdown to Halloween has begun, and less than 24 hours from now, a weekend of costumes, cocktails, and revelry will be well within reach. The last item you should be worrying about is how to execute a Halloween makeup look — especially if your costume is last minute. Enter four on-demand beauty service apps that will not only take care of your most complicated Halloween cosmetics, they'll also do so in the comfort of your home. PRIV, Vensette, StyleBee, and Glamsquad are at your service to indulge your makeup fantasies, however intricate, spooky, or bizarre they may be.

Bear in mind, these beauty companies won't be slathering you with grease paint and calling it a day. Each company offers the services of skilled, highly trained makeup artists using quality products which won't leave your skin splotchy and stained for days afterwards. And with the option to customize offered, you're guaranteed to walk into your Halloween parade or shindig looking exceptionally distinctive. So put your imagination to use and dream up the most quirky, glamorous, sultry, scary, or fanatical costume you can think of, because your makeup is already taken care of. All that's left to do is buy your favorite candy in bulk and enjoy the festivities.


Manhattan and Los Angeles-based PRIV is a one stop shop for all of your beauty, fitness, and relaxation cravings, but this Halloween, the company is offering specialized makeup services to take your costume from drab to fab. Face painting begins at a mere $50, and a Heidi Klum elderly woman-esque head-to-toe body painting session runs at $80 and up. PRIV's services can be requested last-minute or two days in advance via the company's app, and New York City residences have the luxury of stopping in to PRIV's pop-up shop at Lazzoni, located at 154 West 18th Street. Take a look at the extensive array of treatments and download the app at gopriv.com.


Vensette's on-demand beauty service offers a number of Halloween-ready options for $200, allowing you to channel Hollywood icons and film characters in the most elegant fashion, and for $300, a more elaborate look is all yours. If you treat Halloween as fashion bloggers treat New York Fashion Week, $200-$300 might be a reasonable price to pay for a completely original look. New York, L.A. and San Francisco dwellers can book your service at Vensette.com.


This Los Angeles and San Francisco-based on-demand beauty company offers blowouts and makeup applications on a regular basis, but it is their face painting service which begs to be used on Halloween. For a reasonable $50, a member of the StyleBee team will set up shop in your home and give you a Halloween makeover to put other costumes to shame. Check out the company's website and download the app at StyleBee.com


Fans of Glamsquad's classic makeup application offerings and sleek hairstyles will be delighted with the app's newest revelation: Halloween makeup. From a Vampire Diaries-worthy creature of the night effect to Frozen's Elsa, the company can dream up a whimsical cosmetic look to match your most elaborate Halloween costume. The brand charges a rate of $75 for a makeup application and $50 to $125 for hair styling. Download the app and select your favorite glamorous Halloween look at Glamsquad.com.

Images: gopriv/Instagram; vensette/Instagram; StyleBeeBeauty/Instagram; glamsquadnyc/Instagram