TITIN Is Already Used by the Pros

If there is one thing that the sharks of Shark Tank hate, it is snake oil sellers. Consequently, coming to sell a life-improver or personal performance enhancer is a bit of a gamble, because if the sharks decide what you’re pushing brings no actual value to the consumer, you’re out of there empty handed. Remember that couple that went on Shark Tank to try to pitch a stuffed elephant in a box as a $60 marital counseling aid called Elephant Chat? Yeah, it didn’t go over too well. So, self-help products, beauty items, and fitness products have their work cut out for them. However, one of this week's products, TITIN, seems to have a lot going for it.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or just starting to dip your toes into the world of fitness, you probably spend some time shopping for gear that will help you perform and improve results. TITIN is a “Shirt System” made up of weighted compression gear. It's an amped up version of the benefit of compression garments, providing comfort and avoiding muscle fatigue. They have a few different products available now on their website, ranging from reasonably priced individual items to more expensive "systems."

So what’s the scoop on TITIN? Here are four facts you need to know about this nifty product and up your fitness game.


Police officers, military, and even MMA fighters are some of the clients TITIN namedrop. A Navy Seal remarked that using TITIN made him "stronger, faster, and quicker." If it's good enough for people chasing baddies in the streets or going on international missions requiring endurance, it's probably more than qualified for your 5K training.


That's where the training part comes in. The gel pack weights are evenly distributed throughout the garment, (which is probably where the strength building comes in). They attribute it to a sort of cheesily named "Hypergravity" technology, but it does seem to be a feat of pretty sleek and effective design.


Check out their instagram feed and you'll see ripped dudes, Frank Underwood quotes, and affirmations to get you up and moving. If you were looking to go all beast mode with your routine, this is the place to get amped.


Muscle Fitness just named TITIN the best of tech, so they're clearly gaining the respect of professionals. Those eight pounds of resistance packed into a compression garment seems to be attracting fans far and wide.

BONUS: Robert Wearing One On the Show Is Pure Magic

You must scroll to the end of this TITIN blog entry to see shark Robert wear one of these over his collared shirt. The sculptured musculature on the garment make him look like a cartoon strongman, and it's sort of too good to not relive.