Kristen Bell on 'Veronica Mars' Awesome Cameos

The Veronica Mars movie is continuing its soft simmer of Kickstarter glory as it inches its way toward release — the film's being edited as we speak, and star Kristen Bell has been teasing away on the topics of awesome mystery guest stars and what's to become of the series once the credits roll on the movie.

Bell is currently doing the rounds promoting her upcoming coming-of-age flick The Lifeguard, but she found a way to sneak in a few tidbits for us Veronica Mars devotees. Asked by The Huffington Post which Veronica Mars movie celebrity cameo she's most excited about, Bell shied away saying she couldn't actually answer the question because the public hasn't been informed yet of that certain person's going to be in the movie.

I would say ... oh God, I don't know. You know what? I know who I’d say and I can't say that person because they're not released yet ... I would get killed if I did [reveal names], but there’s someone in the beginning of the movie — and you'll know who I mean — there’s someone in the first five minutes of the movie who I think is the coolest cameo ever.

Well, we already know the film will include cameos by the likes of James Franco, Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Long, and Jerry O'Connell — so who else could it be?

Bell remained mum, but she did drop a few hints:

[O]ur whole set was in a fit, a tizzy, because this person was on set ...There’s a certain niche that this person fills. And listen, there are a fair amount of people who will be unimpressed. But for me, you couldn't get better. If you’re kind of a nerdy brainiac in any sense of the word, you will love this person.

Playing toward the nerdy brainiac certainly sounds promising, so who could it be? We're gonna count out Joss Whedon, since he already had a cameo in the show when it was originally airing on UPN. There are certainly tons of other nerdy brainiacs who fit the criteria, so your guess is as good as ours. As for what's to come for Veronica and her friends (and many enemies) after the Kickstarter movie's taken its bow? Well, there are two follow-up books coming that pick up where the movie left off, and Bell and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas are contemplating their options re: Netflix.

No solid plans have been made, however. ""No steps have been taken to actually figure it out," Bell noted. "I think we're going to wait to see how the movie does and wait to go from there."