Her New Video Is Not Waldorf Material

There is certainly no Blair Waldorf around here anymore. In fact, Blair Waldorf would possibly run away screaming from Leighton Meester's new "Heartstrings" music video. No, not because the actress' video is bad — in fact, it's very, very good and fitting for her new image — but because Blair Waldorf is so not someone who would appreciate an indie darling. Meester released her debut album Heartstrings on Oct. 28 and the actress is appearing on the very unBlair-like November 2014 Nylon magazine cover, which basically proved that Meester's totally shed her Upper East Side ways. So, it should come as no surprise that some of the things Meester does in her "Heartstrings" video would, frankly, appall Blair Waldorf.

Honestly, I don't even think Gossip Girl ever established that Blair even liked music — I'm pretty sure if she had an iPod, the only thing on it would be the score to Breakfast At Tiffany's. Which is kind of what makes Meester's video, in all of its anti Blair-ness, pretty damn cool. While Gossip Girl might be what put Meester on the map, she's absolutely not going to let her role carry over into her new venture. Even if I can't help but think, "Blair Waldorf would totally hate this," at the same time as I'm cheering Meester's Heartstrings on for being incredible.

With that being said, however, there are at least 7 things in the "Heartstrings" music video that Blair Waldorf would NEVER do. And here they are:

This Place

There are two problems with this:

  • Blair Waldorf would rather die that go to this place. Remember how miffed she'd get any time she deigned to go to Brooklyn? Wherever Meester is looks like it'd totally be in Brooklyn and Blair would totally hate it.
  • Blair would never wear a shirt with a single wrinkle. She was the single most put-together person on Gossip Girl, seeing this shirt would kill her.

This Face

Blair made some funny faces during her time on Gossip Girl, but mostly they included a dramatic eye-roll. But, rest assured, she would NEVER make a face that could result in the above screengrab. She's way too conscious to ever allow that to happen to herself. (She probably could've loosened up a little.)

Everything Happening Here

This photo needs bullet points to illustrate all of the things Blair would never do:

  • Blair would never EVER swim in her clothes. We only saw her swim once on Gossip Girl and that was when the Constance and St. Jude's students broke into the pool at school. And, she was wearing a swimsuit.
  • Blair would NEVER wear denim shorts. Never. Just don't even bother imagining it.
  • Blair would also never get her hair wet in a pool. I mean, c'mon people, that chlorine can do serious damage.

The Smoking

Yes, Blair Waldorf smoked (only cigarettes, she HATED when Nate smoked pot while they were dating) in the Gossip Girl books, but on The CW series, she would never smoke anything. She could be in a torture chamber and forced to choose between death and smoking and she'd probably choose death.

Watch the full "Heartstrings" music video here:

Images: YouTube (4); letmeloveu5, likethesunyoubrightenmyday, blairserenas/Tumblr; Giphy