Keegan Loves 'Downton Abbey'

If you're a fan of Keegan Allen, aka Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars, and Downton Abbey, drop what you're doing right now, because this is fantastic. Keegan Allen visited the Downton Abbey castle (really named the Highclere Castle) in the United Kingdom, where he hoped to meet and court Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery). He posted photos and a video on Instagram detailing his love quest that are beyond amazing.

First, we see Mr. Allen (it just seems appropriate to use a title seeing as he's inserting himself into the Downton Abbey lifestyle) sitting properly on a couch in the library. Then, he's standing on that famous staircase leading up to the Crawley's quarters (aka Lady Mary's bedroom). Lastly, Mr. Allen was kind enough to create a video of his mission to find and court Lady Mary. However, this video isn't your ordinary video. Why? Well, not only is the music from the popular show used, but Mr. Allen becomes that much more fabulous as he uses a British accent! I didn't think it was possible for him to become more swoon-worthy, but, admittedly, I was wrong.

I have a feeling Mr. Allen has a future on Downton, and maybe as Lady Mary's next suitor. Sorry Tony and Blake, but you just might have some competition on your hands. OK. Enough of that. Now, let's bask in this glorious media provided by Mr. Allen.

Excuse me while I go watch that video one hundred more times.