'DVF' Has a Remarkably Normal Twist

The E! Network's latest totally addictive creation, House of DVF, is a competition reality show/longform interview for a job as the Global Ambassador for the Diane von Furstenberg brand. A "DVF Girl" will be sent around the world to promote the Diane von Furstenberg brand, appear in ads, and host events. She'll be at every Fashion Week to make an appearance at the DVF runway, and she'll surely be updating her millions of Instagram followers about the latest print to come out of the DVF studio. Basically, it's a paid job that puts the PR in princess, because while it's a lot of pressure to always be promoting the brand with a smile, it's also a dream come true for these mostly entry level hopefuls... and for pretty much anyone who's dreamed of getting paid to wear and talk about expensive clothes.

Only one episode of House of DVF is available so far — both online and, as of Nov. 1, on E! — and already it seems like these girls are total messes. Either they're so intent on coming across worldly and experienced that they sound like total snobs, or they're so eager to impress that they accidentally stumble into gaffe after gaffe. Seriously, taking these DVF Girl-wannabes to the United Nations was a disaster. A wonderfully entertaining disaster complete with a nervous breakdown and paramedic attention. Just like America's Next Top Model before it, you can watch if you're excited to see who wins, but it's just as fun to watch and see who loses.

A DVF girl comes in many forms. There are eight girls competing for the Global Ambassador position, narrowed down from the ten in the premiere episode. See, two eliminations in one episode — that's the type of stuff you get when a wild card like Diane von Furstenberg is judging the competition. Here's a rundown of all ten contenders, who prove that a DVF girl really is whomever is most impressive to Diane. Their backgrounds are so different (what a diverse group of ladies! Even the three blondes are unique. I love that) that there's really no one thing that makes someone a DVF girl.


International model/pageant queen. And the one who acts sooooooo over it. Cue Liz Lemon's "Oh, brother" eyeroll.


Haitian immigrant, expert scarf tier, and the one hired for the express purpose to throw shade in the talking heads.


She's a blogger who sold her eggs to go to Fashion Week. And has a phone that cost 800 bucks that is not available to be loaned.


A very nervous FIT merchandising major and the voice of reason.


She's like a grown up Claudia Kishi, and that's not because she's Asian — it's because she dresses in slouchy pants and watercolor print coats and her ombre is tinged slightly green, which feel like exactly what Claudia would be wearing if she was 24 in 2014.


Former stylist for Ariana Grande, and, despite that pedigree, actually dresses the best out of all the contestants.


Tatted Bronx girl who needs an iPhone charger. She's the most adorable. For sure.


Photographer Mormon who's married and 22 and hopefully will soften up that haircut and color now that she's in New York.


Has a huge wardrobe that cost half a million dollars and has separation anxiety with her boyfriend. Somehow went to the Sorbonne.


Italian American Princess with a thick Stat-Nylan (Staten Island) accent and FIT student.

Image: Timothy White/E! (9); E! (screengrab) (3)