Tyler Perry's 'Gone Girl' Role Revealed

After a month of speculation, Tyler Perry's role in David Fincher's upcoming Gone Girl adaptation has been revealed: According to Deadline, Perry will portray defense attorney Tanner Bolt in the film, which is based off of Gillian Flynn's wildly successful novel of the same name.

As previously reported, Rosamund Pike has been selected as the mysteries gone girl herself, Amy, and Batman — er, Ben Affleck — is set to play her husband who may or may not have been behind her mysterious disappearance (no spoilers!) Perry's casting, along with that of Neil Patrick Harris, was announced about a month ago, but their roles weren't revealed at the time. Harris' role is still a mystery, but at least we've got something on Perry now.

Perry's deal is reportedly closed, meaning that he is officially going to be Tanner Bolt when the film begins production in 2014. As for how Perry's inclusion in the film came to be — Fincher apparently saw Perry in Alex Cross, and immediately after began pursuing him for the role of Tanner.

Flynn's novel, Gone Girl, has been a literary hit since its release in 2012, and over a year later, it continues to sit on Amazon's bestseller list with no signs of budging. If you haven't read it, you probably should now — Fincher's adaptation is set to hit theaters in 2015, so you've got a little time before then to finish.