Watch Amy Poehler and friends as cartoon alpacas

If you've always hoped for a My Little Pony episode that addressed the problem of economic inequality in America, here's the next best thing. Adam McKay recently directed a clip for We The Economy called The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas, which stars funny ladies Sarah Silverman, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler as, you guessed it, unbelievably sweet cartoon alpacas. Together they tackle adorable issues like nepotism and systematic oppression. No, really!

In the video, the three alpacas have just graduated from Sweetness School and look forward to exciting careers at the lollipop factory. There they meet with the assistant Vice President of Lollipop Inc, voiced by Adam Richter and clearly an avatar of corporate greed due to his bluetooth and dollar sign cutie mark. And the Lollipop tastes yummy! Yaaaaaay!

Happy (Silverman) the pink alpaca and basically Paris Hilton with hooves, gets instantly promoted to Junior Vice President of Synergy, since her father is the boss of the company. Yaaaaaaay! Giggles (Rudolph), the blue alpaca who went to engineering school for lollipop manufacturing, gets stuck with a low-wage management position where all her dreams can come true (as long as she's not gay and doesn't believe in free speech). Yaaaaaay? And Sunshine (Poehler), the yellow alpaca who clearly went to a poor school with metal detectors and 30-year-old books, doesn't even get a job offer. Yaaaaa- wait. Nope. What happens next is nothing short of alpaca magic!

It's equal parts precious and intelligent, and I would vouch for an entire series of rainbow alpacas who call people out on their shit while struggling to pay off their student loans. Until then, watch the alpacas address the unfair power dynamics that create this rigged financial battleground we're all struggling to survive in. Also: a yummy lollipop. Yaaaay!

Image: Youtube