Who Is Scar. Jo's Fiancé Romain Dauriac?

Today, the world is asking themselves a very important question: Just who is Scarlett Johansson's new fiancé, Romain Dauriac? Is he a French journalist? Creative agency manager? '80s rap fan? Tattoo enthusiast? QUESTIONS WE OBVIOUSLY NEED ANSWERED. So, in an effort to help everyone get to know Scar. Jo's main man, here's a little introductory course to Romain Dauriac:

  • He used to be the editor of the French magazine Clark, which focuses mostly on underground urban art (and France has a lot of great urban art, so this is actually pretty interesting). More recently, however, he's moved on to become to manager of a creative agency.
  • He and Scar. Jo apparently met through a tattoo artist Fuzi, who gave Scar. Jo her infamous horseshoe tattoo and is a friend of Dauriac's.
  • He and Scar. Jo have been dating for about ten months now, and he proposed last month with a very cool art deco ring, because he's artsy and stuff.
  • He seems to be a very private guy, which is perfect for Scar. Jo — his Twitter account, when active between 2009 and 2010 was rarely used, and not much can really be found on the web about him when you sift through the massive amounts of "OMG SCARLETT JOHANSSON IS ENGAGED" stories.

I'm not one for theorizing about celeb's lives and assuming what they're like in real life based off the personas they give off in interviews, but everything we know about Scar. Jo seems to suggest that she's an extremely private person as well. She doesn't "get" social media, as she said in a recent interview with Marie Claire , so being with someone who's out of the limelight might be good. After all, her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, was an actor, and they were only married for a little over three years. Not much is known about Dauriac, granted, but it seems like a better match.

As previously reported, there's no date yet set for the wedding, but even if there was, it seems unlikely the press would know this early, since it took a month for anyone to even find out she was engaged.