Alec Baldwin's Coming For You, Late Night

Alec Baldwin has a TV show. Well, he has a new TV show. After a few Baldwin-less months of television in the wake of 30 Rock's final season, this should come as a relief to fans of Jack Donaghy's real world alter-ego who've been left helpless in a world without his raspy power-whisper. It could also provide some relief for paparazzi, as Baldwin will have less time to be caught in positions that look an awful like he's slamming a photographer against a car.

But enough about that. Baldwin continues his run of newsy conversation programs, like his NPR podcast Here's the Thing, with the new show on MSNBC called Up Late With Alec Baldwin. MSNBC announced their new series Thursday, adding that it is set to debut in October and air Friday nights at 10 P.M.

There is no word yet on the format of Baldwin's show, but being that he's inclined to more serious discussions and the fact that it's on NBC, we can bet it will land a bit close to the Real Time With Bill Maher side of the scale than the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon end.

We'll keep you posted.