Jessica Biel: Potentially Pregnant Lady

Everybody has a well-intentioned blabbermouth friend. Almost as if said friend was born with No Filter Disease, the blabbermouth manages to spoil every series finale, ruin every surprise party, and slip out every secret. While you can’t stay mad, you just probably shouldn't share your early-stage pregnancy news with them if you’re famous in the first place. Jessica Biel may be pregnant, and her friend potentially blew her cover with a congratulatory Instagram post. Ugh, I love Karen, but you just can’t tell her ANYTHING!!

(Update: On Jan. 31, Justin Timberlake's 34th birthday, the couple confirmed they are expecting a baby via Timberlake's Instagram.)

Incidentally, the friend’s name is not Karen, although we can all agree that this is easily the quintessential blabbermouth friend name. As E! Online reports, symbolic Karen is Biel's "pal" InStyle editor Ariel Foxman. On Thursday, Foxman posted a picture to his personal Instagram of Biel and himself on a red carpet with a not-so-cryptic caption: "Congrats @jessicabiel on your impending motherhood ... Looking forward to the red carpet maternity style pix to come #tbt." This is where you insert the sound effects of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel face-palming. Maternity ish has officially been put on blast.

The nations of Timberlake and Biel haven’t addressed the rumor of a Timber-baby on the horizon, although rumors have been swirling of Biel supposedly being pregnant for a while. Some outlets like Radar Online have gone as far as to allege Biel’s due date. While we can’t take this slip-up as hard fact, we can count it as evidence in the manila file folder marked: "Jessica Biel: Potentially Pregnant Lady."

Given that Biel is rumored to only be three months along, keeping this info close to the chest is probably the way to go. However, if the rumors are true and a little Timberlake/Biel hybrid is currently growing inside of the actress, the world will be tremendously excited. I'm sure overwhelming giddiness was Foxman's precise reason for potentially blowing up the pregnancy spot. After all, for all he or she lacks in discretion, Karen is still a great friend.