Taylor's Halloween Costume Is Wonderfully Mystical

Remember on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when Taylor Swift was introduced her nerdy alter ego Natalie to the world? For the sketch, Swift wore large glasses, three ponytails, a cat shirt, and braces to let her inner dork shine, and when Fallon asked her to describe herself, Natalie said that she was 13 years old, had a bandaid collection, and hadn't watched television since Miley Cyrus twerked. But most importantly, Swift, as Natalie, introduced her fans and the general public to her own mystical invention, the Pegacorn. It's all right there in the word, but if you need a refresher, a Pegacorn is a unicorn and a Pegasus in one, meaning you’re a horse with wings and a horn because you're just that mystical and cool. Swift later admitted to Fallon that she basically was Natalie growing up — building popsicle stick castles for her bears and injuring herself with a hot glue gun in the process — and from there she blossomed into the stage queen we all know and love today.

So when it came to picking her costume this Halloween, Swift went back to her roots. No, she did not dress up as Natalie, which would’ve been awesome too. Swift dressed up as a Pegacorn this Halloween, taking her Fallon joke to a new level of hilarity. First Swift brings the "no its Becky" meme to life, and now she's teaching us to follow that Lisa Frank fangirl living in all of us.

Now if you're scrounging the remnants of the Halloween pop-up shop on your street or just gathering the castoffs from other outfits of past Halloweens for your costume, then may I suggest taking a page out of Swift's nerdy handbook and combining two mystical animals into one? A goblin and a hydra? A dragon and fairy? I don't know. Just let your inner T. Swizzle shine, and if you need a reminder, watch this clip of Swift as Natalie.