When Is 'The Colbert Report' Ending?

Brace yourselves, Colbert Nation — it looks like the end is almost here. Though, yes, as an avid Colbert Report fan, I knew that the end of the year would also bring us the end of Stephen Colbert's brilliant Comedy Central show, I think on some level I had blocked out the reality that the show won't be ringing in 2015 with us. However, with this new report, it's impossible to ignore now: The Colbert Report has an end date, and it's official.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colbert will host his last episode of The Colbert Report on Dec. 18 of this year, just before the show would regularly go on hiatus. Then, in 2015, when The Late Show host David Letterman retires from his longtime CBS late-night series, Colbert will take his place. Letterman hasn't set a date for his final The Late Show episode, so it's not clear when that will be — but I'm assuming the switch will take place relatively early in the year.

I know, I know — the prospect of television without The Colbert Report is a difficult one to face. But, at least Colbert will still be on television! In other words, we'll still get GIFs like this on a regular basis:

Scant consolation, yeah, but we should take what we can get.

Image: Giphy