In Other News: September 5, 2013

'In Other News' is Bustle's daily roundup of the stories, videos, and more media you might have missed.

There's another Edward Snowden leak — what's this one, two million, five hundred and thirteen? Anyway, we now know that the NSA can un-encrypt basically all kinds of encrypted data, which is creepy but at this point hardly shocking.

Yahoo has a new logo, and it's kind of dark and serious. And people are discussing it an awful lot, which according to Slate means that Marissa Meyer has scored a win once more.

Wanna know what's going on inside the first rehabilitation center for Internet addicts? Of course you do.

This ad for Pearl Izumi sneakers wanted to make the point that with them, you could out-run your dog, but took things a bit far and ended up running a campaign that made it look like your dog will die trying to keep up. They've now apologized.

If someone's told you today that you look "tired," they didn't mean sleepy. This new study has confirmed that sleep-deprived people are perceived as less attractive, less happy, and less healthy than their more-awake counterparts.

A Fox News commentator said that depriving children of lunches might be a good way to teach them a life lesson. Worryingly, the guy is a school counselor.

A confidential survey by Harvard University's The Crimson has found that nearly half of incoming freshman had cheated on a test at some point.

Come on, Kenneth Cole! Hasn't everyone learned to not use major diplomatic events as publicity fodder by now? It's not even the first time for the brand.

You can now conceal your video games with these faux-book-covers:

BuzzFeed is officially bigger than either AOL or Craigslist. (Cue lists about Craiglist.)

By 2025, there are going to be a few new industries you might have to write cover letters for. Take a look.

There's a wonderful photo series, entitled "Fad Diets," which immortalizes the only things you can eat while on said diets. For example, the one that only lets you eat lemon, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup:


Worried about your brain fogging up in old age? Don't worry — playing video games could sharpen things right up.

Alyssa Milano has "leaked" a "sex tape" for Funny or Die. You definitely wanna see this.

Finally, a news brief from the Alaska Dispatch that you really don't want to miss. Here's a taster:

Get ready for the season of drunken moose. As ripe fruit falls from the trees and ferments on the ground, it is time for some of Sweden’s most majestic wild animals to act in a most un-regal manner. One home owner east of Stockholm, the capital, has already been confronted by a mob of boozed-up moose. The five animals, feasting on rotten windfalls, “were threatening” and refused to let him into his garden.