The Smolderhalder Wants You to Vote

The Smolderhalder is at it again with his feminist ways and, frankly, I just can't get enough of it. Not only is Ian Somerhalder saying "chicks rule," but he's also raising his voice for women, children, and families. Seriously, can this man get any more beautiful (inside and out)? On Friday, The Vampire Diaries actor took to Instagram to show his concern over the justice system and is encouraging everyone to vote, get involved in politics, and educate themselves on the important issues affecting our society before the polls open on Tuesday.

Part of his post reads:

Things have gotten way out of control & it's not just here,in St. Tammany&Washington-It's happening all across our country!It's really frightening because kids aren't being protected when they should be & they're being taken away from parents when they shouldn't be because judges aren't looking at evidence or following the rules,but parents &kids can't do anything about it. We've got to change the way things are going-we've got this rare opportunity to start the change right here in St. Tammany & Washington Parish.Ground zero for BIG national change, right here in St. Tammany. There's a lot of info online – I Googled Nanine. Check her out for yourself & I hope you agree she's the right person to be the new family court judge, but most of all, GET INFORMED and VOTE on Tuesday November 4!

Somerhalder is referring to Nanine McCool (what a badass last name), who is running for Family Court Judge in his home district of Louisiana. He vows that McCool is wanting to make change in a place that's overlooked — family court. The actor and activist is concerned over how bad things have gotten in courts for families and children, especially since families can be torn apart without warning. He says, "Did you know that judges can deliberately ignore the law,&even rule against parents just out of meanness, & there's nothing that you can do about it? You can't sue a judge even if they deliberately use their power to hurt you." He continues, "Parents in St. Tammany & Washington parishes are losing their kids with the stroke of a pen, without any reason except the judge is angry with them. No joke! One mom here was arrested, strip searched,& sent to jail, all because she said she was going to the news to complain about a judge. Worse, kids that need to be protected aren't. They're not being allowed to talk, no matter how old they are, & they're being treated like criminals, then shipped off to boot-camp like schools for no reason."

Whether you side with Somerhalder or not (check out this post by McCool herself on the broken family court system), one important thing can be taken from his passionate post — vote! We have the right, and if you want your voice to be heard and make a difference then get out to those polls!