This Color-Changing Dress is the Mood Ring of 2014

There are times when I question whether us human beings are using the infinite technology at our disposal appropriately. For example: Any time I see a Google Glass marriage proposal. This, however, is not one of those times. I am fully a-okay with utilizing brain-mapping technology to create color-changing fashion that adjusts to your mood. I'm totally sure this is what the president had in mind when he initiated that Human Brain Project... London-based fashion designer Lauren Bowker created a dress that changes color based on the wearer's emotions. Ahhh, what a time to be alive. This is basically the mood ring of 2014 here, people. 8-year-old me would be so jealous.

Lately, Bowker and her art house, Unseen, have been playing around with new concepts in wearable technology and have designed a textile that can interpret your brain waves and project them as colors onto the fabric. This magic is all thanks to an electroencephalograph (phew, got that?) headset that reads the user's emotions and decides what color the dress will transform into. You know the old mood ring color code, right? Red, orange, or yellow for happy thoughts, green or blue for when you're relaxed...

Since fashion is based on color and trend, as Bowker points out, this funky dress really couldn't be more on point. But now that I think about it, there are many a times when having the entire world read your mood right off your outfit probably wouldn't work out in your favor...

1. When that moron in class tries to relate Shakespeare to 50 Shades of Grey

Suddenly that side-eye isn't so subtle..

2. Actually just when anyone stupid opens their mouth...

Everyone shut up! I want my dress to be a relaxed blue!

3. When you lie to your boss that yes, you are totally sick and no, it's not with a hangover

4. When you're watching a Pixar movie with your friends and trying to hide your tears

5. Basically whenever you're drunk

Pretty sure they still know, though...

Images: downing.amanda/Flickr, Giphy