The Fab Stylings of Hello Kitty Con

Guys. GUYS. Did you know that right now, as we speak, there's an honest-to-god Hello Kitty convention in progress? Yep, to celebrate Hello Kitty's 40th birthday (!!!), Sanrio is currently throwing a four-day convention (10/30 — 11/2) at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) down in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo.

Being a giant life-long HK fan, I thought about buying passes, but being the scatterbrain I am I... well, I forgot, and by the time I remembered it was all sold out. Luckily, there's social media to let me live vicariously — one of my friends just posted pictures of a Hello Kitty rice mold, and another tweeted about her (real!) Hello Kitty tattoo. But perhaps the best outlet with which to keep up with the fast-paced world of Hello Kitty land? Why, Instagram of course!

Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I spent my time going through the #hellokittycon tag on IG (and reading scary stories on Jezebel that I'm still feeling residual scaredy-catness from — but that's a different story), and as you might expect, I found some really great street style. The looks range from full-on sausage-curl Lolita to Lady Gaga-style fab, and each look is more HK-approved than the last. Scroll down for some of the best style moments of Hello Kitty Con 2014 (so far, anyway):

Hello Couples

Adorable, right?

Coordinated Lolita Hello Kitty(s)

You know HK would approve of those dresses.

Hello, Katy Perry!

When she's not too busy being a pop star or dressing up as a giant hot cheeto, she shows her HK support with an adorable tank...

...And an even more adorable tattoo:

Hello Kittens!

Of course the younger fan base has their HK style down pat.

Plushie Skirt

Okay, I'm calling it: The official winner of Hello Kitty Con 2014.

Images: Getty Images; portalcat, analogkitten, angelinaluna777, love2cul8r, katyperry, kp_fan/Instagram