Bruce Jenner & 12 More Reality Stars Surprisingly Don't Go By Their Birth Names

It’s pretty easy to take the simple things in life for granted, like Bruce Jenner’s real name being Bruce. It turns out, he’s been lying to us all these years, and his real name is William. (For the record, Bruce is his middle name!) However, he’s hardly the first reality star to go by a different first name than the one listed on his birth certificate. Plenty of reality stars go by their middle names, shortened versions of their names, or just plain different names altogether.

Along with Bruce, here are 12 other reality stars who don’t go by their birth names. Consider this a public high school style roll call for reality TV, where you get to find out everyone’s embarrassing, parent-given moniker before they request to be addressed by their more socially acceptable title.

Jax Taylor

Hello, Jax Taylor... If that is your real name. Ahaha, of course its not, Jason. Tom Sandoval revealed on the Season 2 reunion of Vanderpump Rules that Taylor changed his name from Jason to Jax when he moved from Miami to LA, implying an attempt to escape his speckled past. While I enjoy that story thoroughly, Jason probably changed his name to sound more “actory.”

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Alex Hooser

Alex M.’s bestie Alex H. from Laguna Beach wasn't really named Alex at all, but Lauren. Alexandria is her middle name, which I’m guessing she took in order to force people to differentiate between her and her best friend with a last initial.

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Taylor Armstrong

Born Shana Lynette Hughes, this Real Housewife of Beverly Hills legally changed her name to Taylor in 2005 right before moving to Beverly Hills. Even if Taylor may seem like trendier name than Shana, I maintain that this girl’s a Shana through and through.

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Bruce Jenner

You thought you knew him but it turns out you don’t even know the guy’s first name. Christened after his father William, Jenner could have been called “Billy” or “Will” or “Billiam,” but he opted to go by his middle name Bruce. Welp, you learn something new every day, right?

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Brody Jenner

Turns out that Bro-Jen’s first name is legally Sam, and he choses to go by middle name “Brody.” Like father, like son.

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Danielle Staub

Who can forget the resident lunatic of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s inaugural season, Danielle Staub. Born Beverly Anne Merrill, she reportedly worked under the name Danielle as an exotic dancer. Somewhere between Cop Without a Badge and moving to Franklin Lakes, she just decided: “Yep! I’ll keep Danielle.”

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Nene Leakes

Real Housewife of Atlanta emeritus NeNe Leakes was born with the name Linnethia Monique Leakes, and understandably shortened her name to NeNe cause WHAT A MOUTHFUL!

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Johnny Knoxville

Señor Knoxville was born Phillip John Clapp and took his name from his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Yaya Dacosta

You may know her as Yaya from ANTM Cycle 3, but her legal first name is Camara. Well, she’ll always be YaYa to me.

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Brad Womack

Yet again, the middle name trick! Season 11 Bachelor Brad was born Stephen Bradley Womack. I get it. Brad’s easily a hunker name than Steve.

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Mondo Guerra

Project Runway Season 8 finalist Mondo Guerra was born Armando. Love the fact that his nickname sounds like ’90s Venice Beach surfer slang.

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Stassi Schroeder

The Queen Bee/Greek Chorus of Vanderpump Rules was born Nastasia Schroeder.Yep, you could probably tell Stassi was short for something.

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Omarosa Manigault

One of the proto-villains of reality TV and Apprentice Season 1 star Omarosa Manigault’s full first name is Omaroseeonee. Sounds kinda like anemone.

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