This Is Your New Favorite Meme

Halloween is probably one of the best times of years for memes, solely because of the wacky costumes that celebrities come up with. This year alone we've gotten Taylor Swift as a Pegacorn, as well as Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan as zombies. But I'm pretty much gonna have to go ahead and call the competition for best celebrity costume of 2014 as totally over: Because Katy Perry is dressed as a Cheeto, and it's glorious. She's even carrying a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos as her purse! Genius — and possibly even commentary on the current trend of using food as handbags!

So, of course, since Perry's costume is just the absolute best, it must be immortalized on the Internet in total meme form. There's no way around it — there is no better way to honor a photo than turning it into the web's next hottest meme, and there's no other way to make sure that generations to come remember its brilliance in crystal-clear form. Plus, it's Halloween, and I know that no one wants to be working anyway, so we might as well all procrastinate together by looking at funny pictures on the Internet while pretending to be productive.

This is truly important work.

Anyway — first things first...this is Perry's costume:


Kim Kardashian Crying

Elsa From Frozen

Fierce Baby Wombat

Kim Kardashian Crying More

Betty White

Happy Halloween, everyone!