This Is The World's Scariest Haircut

Today is Halloween, and in the spirit of the holiday, we need something to really scare you. Besides ebola or the amount of candy you're going to eat tonight. So here's a real spine-chiller for ya — get ready to see the world's scariest haircut, and no, I'm not talking about losing a few too many inches of length. A Vietnamese hairdresser cuts hair with a samurai sword. A LEGIT SWORD, GUYS. So basically sitting down in his chair is more akin to medieval torture than a modern-day beauty ritual. Comforting.

Nguyen Hoang, in full on warrior style, cuts and slashes his clients' hair with a traditional Japanese Katana sword. Talk about an anxiety-producing haircut. Hung is actually pretty adept at using the sharp blade and works swiftly, though he apparently took a month to learn on long hair before transitioning to shorter hairstyles like bobs. I feel like this could be Sweeney Todd come to life.

So if you thought a trip to the hair salon was all relaxation and pampering, think again. Here are a few things I can think of that would be far less terrifying than getting a haircut from this dude.

1. Going Bald

I would legitimately rather lose all my hair than sit in that chair for a "trim."

2. Eating An Entire Jar of Nutella

With my fingers. In 30 seconds flat. Get on my hips, baby.

3. Running Into Your Ex

Looking like this.

4. The Hunger Games

I would so rather volunteer as tribute.

5. Harry and Taylor Getting Back Together


6. The Mall On Christmas Eve

It's a jungle out there.

7. From Justin To Kelly, The Movie

But I mean, his hair might benefit from that samurai sword.

Images: Giphy, Youtube, Getty Images