7 New Ways To Eat Pie That Will Blow Your Mind

Flaky crust and fruity insides make for a deadly sweet combination, and one that tops my list of holiday desserts. Pumpkin spice lattes, Russian teacakes, and gingerbread cookies all seem like fun and games until I get my hands on a freshly baked slice of pie — that's when the real action starts. Top it off with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream, and I'm yours forever. Honestly, I didn't think pie could get any better, but as it turns out, pie can get so much better. This dessert has seriously upped its game lately, now coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from bite-size lollipops to full-size ice cream cones. I know you have no idea what I'm talking about — but don't worry, because you will soon. You're about to be drooling.

These inventive desserts are more than just delicious culinary experiences. They are actual testaments that demonstrate the greatness that is pie. No, I am not being overdramatic. I take pie very seriously. Like, very seriously. The mind of an inventive sweet tooth is a wonderful place, and these seven pie creations prove just that. Next time you decide it's time to bake a pie (which is all the time, really), be bold, and make one of these mouth-watering creations instead.

1. Apple Pie Ice Cream Cones

You guys! Apple pie ice cream cones exist! You guyssssssss! The world just became a much better place. 1FineCookie has the recipe.

2. Cherry Pie Pops

And I thought cake pops were something worth writing home about. Pie pops? Mind blown. Check out the full tutorial from Pillsbury.

3. Mini Pumpkin Pies

Perfection in a single bite, also known as mini pumpkin pies. Done and done. This recipe is almost too good for words.

4. Bite-size Cherry Pies

Not a giant pumpkin fan? Not to worry. Dare I say these bite-size cherry pies are even cuter? You won't believe how simple they are to make.

5. Apple Galette

What has crispy folded crust and dozens of baked apple slices? A jaw-dropping apple galette, of course! Don't miss this mouth-watering recipe.

6. Peach Fried Pies

It's like a peachy empanada, but better! What? Get the full recipe here.

7. Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes

Banana cream pie cupcakes. Is this real life? It most certainly is — and it's beautiful. This recipe brings these babies to life in the most delicious way.

Images: 1 Fine Cookie, Chris Martin, Stacy K, Kim, abakedcreation, Ralph Daily, elana's pantry/Flickr