Eliza Dushku of 'Buffy' Was Robbed On Halloween

While most celebs seemed to have a pretty good Halloween, Eliza Dushku, best known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer , was mugged. The robbery occurred outside of her hotel in Providence, RI, where she was staying for Rhode Island Comic Con. They stole her Louis Vuitton luggage, a gift to her from Sharon Osborne. Strangely, both men were in costume, and one was dressed like Caesar in an all gold.

The Dollhouse star turned to Twitter, tweeting about the robbery on Saturday morning. She urged the hotel to use their security cameras to find the robbers, and the comic con attendees to help out. "Please, @OmniHotels, these 2 men are guests here in the building & on your cameras robbing me. Help me find them & apprehend." And luckily, it paid off. The robbers were jailed, and Dushku's bag was returned to her. She thanked her twitter followers, writing "U guys helped this happen. I am VERY grateful. C u soon."

What I'm wondering is how Faith the Vampire Slayer allowed mere mortals to get the best of her. It must have been an off night. It's strange that their crime was on the 31st; according to Giles, bad guys don't usually come out on Halloween.

Here are the tweets.