7 Winter Dresses To Defy Your Seasonal Dress Prejudices

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Let's be honest, guys. Winter dressing is pretty much the worst. Somewhere around late November, a light jacket draped over your sweater-clad shoulders gives way to 3 long sleeved shirts layered underneath a sweater topped off by a parka. Suddenly, it's just too damn cold for your primary main objective not to be "warmth at all costs." Many people consider this the time to say adieu to Fall dresses and hello to jeans all day everyday in the interest of not freezing your calves off. These folks haven't discovered the glory of a winter-friendly dress.

If you're looking for a sartorial alternative to the season of obligatory pants, check out these frocks that'll hold up great in the winter. Just grab a pair of sweater tights, a cardigan, and you'll be looking chill throughout the freeze.

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