Jessa and Ben Didn't Kiss During Their Wedding

After waiting her whole life to finally be allowed to kiss someone once she was married, Jessa Duggar didn't kiss Ben Seewald during their wedding ceremony. The reason behind this? Us Weekly reports that the newly married Duggar wanted "to experience that special moment together in private." So the couple waited until the wedding was over and they were alone. Although when I first heard they didn't smooch during their wedding I thought they were nuts. I mean, she's waited years for that moment! But I actually think that gesture to keep it private was pretty sweet.

Jessa shares her whole life with the world on her show 19 Kids and Counting. If I was in a position with very little privacy, I'd probably want to keep a few things for myself as well. Not only were there 1000 people at her wedding, but the ceremony will be broadcasted into millions of homes when her episode airs next year sometime. If I was taught to believe that a first kiss was such a monumental thing, I don't know if I'd want the whole world to see it. The couple's pastor Mike Schadt confirmed this saying, "They wanted their very first kiss ever to be in private. It was important to the both of them."

Plus, when you think about it, what's a little more waiting when you've already waited almost 22 years for your first kiss? I could probably stand a few more hours to make sure it happened at the right moment.

Many congratulations to the newly married couple!

Image: Jessa Duggar/Instagram