Icelandic Guy Has Feelings About Daylight Savings

Back in ye olde 2009, Western Australia had the opportunity to vote for or against keeping Daylight Savings. If you think about it, it’s pretty crazy that humans get to vote on how we perceive time, but whatever. The point is that the vote against Daylight Savings won. While this was going on, Dave sent his cousin Oskaar an e-mail, explaining to him that a lot of people were against Daylight Savings. Since Oskaar lives in Iceland (where they only get three hours of sunlight per day in the winter), Oskaar got a little emotional about this. And by “a little emotional” I really mean he had a mental breakdown. You can take away a man’s sunlight, but you can’t take away his sunlight and then inform him how other people get to decide whether to keep their sunlight or not.

Oskaar, a model-esque blonde wearing a heavy jacket screams, “Hi Dave! Hi! In Australia! It’s Oskaar here in Iceland! I got your e-mail the other day! It made me really fucking angry!" He stands in the pitch black and says, “You know I get three hours of sunlight per day? And you are arguing about one hour!” He continues his (adorable and hilarious) tirade by yelling, “Guess what time it is? Look around! It’s a beautiful day in sunny Reykjavik at 20 minutes past three o’clock!”

Other blessed gems from the video:

“I have to sit for two hours in front of ultra-violent [sic] light so to help my mind and my skins from [sic] being healthy!”

“I drink this…lessee, oil from fish, I drink fish shits two times per day, this stops me from being funny in the head!”

"This is what I do every day after I come home from work. I take my dog for a walk in this beautiful park here. Can you see? No you can't see because it's fucking too dark!"

He shows Dave the path he is walking on:

"Hey Dave, let's go have a swim with me!" *laugh maniacally* "I wouldn't swim in that if you paid me a million dollars!"

"Save your daylight! Save it! Don't let it run away in front of your face!"

Image: davedockerslover/YouTube