'Euros' Star Isabel Adrian Is a Reality Vet

Well, now that Teresa Giudice is headed to prison, it’s time for Bravo to air a new reality series, and of course this one is more ridiculous than the last. Euros of Hollywood premieres on Bravo and is about six European transplants in Los Angeles trying to make it big in America. While Euros' Isabel Adrian is a household name in Sweden and a serious jack of all trades, she is relatively unknown in the US.

From her modeling career to being a mother, Isabel could be a big name soon enough since she definitely has all the credentials to become famous in America. I mean, she’s married to a guy most 20-somethings know fairly well, runs a production company, and has been on the Swedish reality TV circuit for a long time. She blogs, she does photography, she wrote a novel about a girl in fashion named Bella. Also, being bi-lingual is probably a plus.

While I’m sure we’re about to see just how dramatic her life really is, at the moment, I have a someone high view of her and her accomplishments thus far in her life. Depending on how she behaves on the show though, that opinion could change really quickly.

For now, here's what we know about Isabel:

She's an EDM Wife

You probably know her husband, Steve Angello. He is a member of the popular EDM band Swedish House Mafia. They came out with "Don’t You Worry Child," which became super popular in 2013. I’m pretty sure everyone’s gotten a little too drunk and danced to it. The couple married in 2013 and they're often referred to as the Brangelina of Sweden.

She's Got Really Cute Kids

Adrian and Angello have two children together: Monday-Lily and Winter-Rose. And man, are they are the cutest. Because she knows how lucky she is, Isabel made Instagram accounts for both of them.

She's Done The Reality Thing Before

This isn’t Isabel’s first reality rodeo. Before joining Euros of Hollywood, she was on a Swedish reality show called Svenska Hollywoodfruar. The show was about three Swedish women living luxurious lives in Hollywood. It’s basically the exact same show as Bravo’s so she’s well-versed in the world of reality television. I have no idea what they are saying in that clip above, but somehow it sounds the exact same as the Real Housewives sound.

She Even Did The Survivor Thing... Sort Of

Expedition: Robinson is basically the original Survivor (thank Sweden for Jeff Probst) and it's where she got her break in the business (even if I can't imagine this woman on a show like Survivor).

She Has Her Own Photo Studio

At her Hollywood Blvd. studio in Los Angeles, Isabel uses her photog skills to earn extra money. She is the CEO of LaLa Studios and takes headshots for actors and creates scenes for actors’ sizzle reels.

She's Super Successful

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beginning her career as a runway model in Sweden, Isabel has been on the cover of magazines including Elle and Rolling Stone. She got a bachelor’s degree in journalism and has done everything from fashion design work to managing a nightclub. She can basically do anything and everything.

And Of Course, Her Dog Is The Cutest

She may have the famous husband and the two adorable blonde Swedish daughters, but her Husky is possibly my favorite thing about her.

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