New 'Grey's Trailer Asks #WhoWillSurvive

"I own this hospital. You work for me." If this quote from the new teaser trailer for Grey's Anatomy 's tenth season from one Cristina Yang isn't enough to ensure that the two-hour season premiere episode will be a doozy, I don't know what is.

The trailer showcases a significant amount of other dramatic moments over the course of its 30-second runtime including Dr. Owen Hunt pronouncing an unidentified patient's time of death in the company of misty-eyed Derek and Callie. The storm continues to rage outside of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital where a bewildered and post-C-section Meredith has no idea of what's going on around her.

Also packed into the trailer is Bailey pleading with Cristina to do something to save another (?) or perhaps the same patient's life, leading her to respond with the aforementioned quote with cold, dead eyes.

It appears that our favorite Grey's characters are in no better position now than they were at the cliffhanger in the Season 9 finale. What we know for sure is that Grey's vows not to disappoint in the drama department and promises to pile on the heart-wrenching that we've come to expect from the show in the past decade.