Michael Kors Is Going Tech

Michael Kors, who is the king of both mid-range sporty attire and luxe, red carpet American style, is expanding his fashionable offerings in the tech field beyond the smartphone and iPad holders he already sells. The designer and Project Runway judge is launching his Michael Kors collection of tech accessories, which will include phone-charging cases, earbuds, and more, all of which are designed to look like cosmetic casing. You can fool all of your friends when pulling out your iPhone. "It's not lipstick!" You'll laugh. "It's my earbuds! Pranked you!"

Of course, these accessories aren't just fashionable. They will be fully functional and serve a purpose, besides looking all snazzy. Kors' expansion into accessories for the tech field includes the aforementioned charging cases, earbuds, and actual chargers that will resemble lipsticks and compacts. Ooh.

"The men and women who I design for are constantly on the go," Kors said about why he has decided to design these tech accessories. "They live full lives, and they need their phones to work from morning until night, breakfast to boardroom, on business trips and vacation."

The PowerCase will boast a built-in battery that provides 100 percent extra battery power for phones, sort of like the life-saving Mophie Juice Pack that power users live and die by. Dead batteries will be a thing of the past — or at least your phone will look fab while it's losing power.

The designer actually teamed up with battery brand Duracell and designed seven Powermat kits for the iPhone 5s/5. Versions for the new iPhone 6 are expected early next year, so if you've just upgraded to the newer, bigger, and better iPhone, don't fret. You can tote these stylin' Kors' cases… eventually!

Image: Courtesy Michael Kors (1); Giphy (1)