Stevie Wonder May Be Welcoming a Few More Kids

Isn't three lovely? At 64 years old, reportedly, legendary singer Stevie Wonder is expecting triplets with his girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. Wonder already has eight children with five different mothers, meaning that these triplets will make him a father of 11. Yes, 11. As in he won't even be able to count the number of kids he has on both hands.

I don't know how he keeps tabs on that many children, but props to him. Wonder's brood ranges in age from 12-months to 39 years old. I would love to be around for their next Thanksgiving dinner or even a Christmas card photo shoot to see how he keeps the all in line. I know everyone is obsessing over the Duggars who have 19 Kids and Counting, but Stevie Wonder is not too far behind especially when his girlfriend is popping out multiples this time around. Hey! Maybe he should have his own TLC reality show, too. If that doesn't happen (fingers crossed though), I still want to know more about Wonder's growing family. Who are these kids and their mothers? I did some investigation.

Wonder and Bracy had another child a year ago, but kept that birth under wraps because the singer was — and reportedly still is — in the process of divorcing his wife Kai Millard Morris whom he married in 2001 before filing for divorce in 2012. Wonder and Morris have two sons together, Mandla and Kailand, ages nine and 13.

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As for his older children, the soul legend had a son with Melody McCulley in 1983 named Mumtaz, making him 31 years old. Two children with Yolanda Simmons, his secretary at the time. They have a son named Aisha, age 39, and Keita, age 37. Wonder is also a father to children Kwame and Sophia, but their mothers' names and other personal information is not publicly available.

Researching this has been a task and half, so I cannot imagine what it is like to actually have eight kids, let alone 11. God bless you, Stevie Wonder. Congratulations to you and Tameeka Robyn Bracy!

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