'SNL' Made Fun of Taylor in the Right Way

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has been the target of a lot of sexist jokes. So when I saw Saturday Night Live did a Taylor Swift skit about a medicine called "Swiftamine" I was nervous. I braced myself for more mocking comments about her dating life and how she's a "maneater." But SNL surprised me and went a completely different route. Instead of making fun of T. Swift, their fake medicine commercial was pretty flattering. Basically "Swiftamine" is a pill to counteract the Taylor Swift-onset vertigo where your ears disagree with your brain. A.K.A Swift's music is now awesome and loved by all — not just teenage girls — and it's confusing people's minds.

Acknowledging her career growth and musical development is actually really nice of SNL. I mean, I've always been a T. Swift fan, but I do know her latest album has won a lot of people over and it's worth mentioning how far she's come.

"I don't like Taylor Swift!" Chris Rock's character tried to protest. Cue the commercial's go-to expert Dr. David Doctor who wants everyone to know, "Yes you do. You friggin' love her." But if you suffer from adult vertigo due to your sudden liking of Swift's music, Swiftamine can help. It's a fast acting tablet that's pink and bubbly, "Just like Taylor, herself." Kenan Thompson turned to Swiftamine after attending a concert with his daughters and falling to the ground in a vertigo-induced state mumbling words like "Girl can write a song!"

It's nice to see SNL make such a lighthearted joke (especially after that pretty uncomfortable Chris Rock opening monologue). And it's twice as nice that they didn't pick on her dating habits at all, but instead used the joke ad to highlight how awesome Swift's album 1989 is.

The singer even tweeted about the sketch, so you know there were no hard feelings.

What a relief that Swift finally caught a break when it came to jokes about her. And hopefully this SNL skit is just a sign of better things to come. Down with sexist mockery and up with being a decent human. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to listen to "Shake it Off" for the 14 millionth time.

Image: rambling-riverside-blues/Tumblr