Cara D's Topshop Ad Is A Bit... Odd

Halloween is over, which means all things winter holidays can officially make their way back into our lives again! Red cups at Starbucks! Christmas music! And, obviously, commercials that make you want to shop. A lot. Of course, Topshop is planning big things for this season. The store just released a sneak peek of Topshop's holiday campaign with Cara Delevingne. And, it’s a bit… odd.

Does the 13-second preview include a “Jingle Bells” medley and lots and lots of hot cocoa? Any mention of Santa? Um… not really. In typical Cara fashion, the supermodel plays with lit candles (which — by the way — is SO dangerous) and hula-hoops at what appears to be an empty Christmas party. She also lip-syncs in a fun-house type mirror to The Cars’ “You’re Just What I Needed.” Not exactly your typical festive campaign — but it’s exactly what we all know and love about Cara D.

But, in a way, it’s a risky move that might actually work. If the entire campaign is anything like this clip, it will totally break through the clutter of cheery, feel-good holiday advertising, which is exactly what a brand like Topshop should do. I love absolutely everything about Christmas, but we can all use a break from the Santa commercials every once in a while. We'll see.

As for the actually Topshop line? It looks like it will include plenty of gold and glitter. Other than that, the store tells us to stay tuned. But, hey: any store that collaborates with Beyonce has to come up with something good.

Image: Topshop