This Latte Art Is Way Too Cute to Drink

There’s latte art, and then there’s latte artand these super detailed, foam-and-espresso cat portraits by Twitter user @Dongurinekobei definitely fall into the former category. I mean, look at them, you guys — how amazing are they? I’ve seen paintings that look less realistic than these adorable, feline-themed latte creations!

@Dongurinekobei’s work is currently making the rounds — and with good reason. There are few things the Internet loves more than cats and coffee, and when you put the two of them together… well, let’s just say that it’s a recipe for online fame. According to her Twitter profile (as translated by My Modern Met, because alas, I don't speak Japanese and Google Translate only goes so far), the latte artist is the proud owner of Donguri, a six-year-old grey tabby; she also fosters two kittens named Mugi and Uutan. It’s from these three fur balls that she gets her inspiration, unleashing her considerable talent upon cups of coffee that end up being way too cute to drink.

According to Rocket News, latte art in Japan is trending towards the “super-kawaii,” or super cute, right now; it tends to look a little cartoon-y, and often it’s constructed in three dimensions out of foamed milk. @Dongurinekobei’s latte art, however, stands in pretty stark contrast to the rest; I’m not sure I’d call it “hyper-realistic,” as a few other outlets have — but it’s definitely photorealistic, with details like delicate little whiskers and big, expressive eyes adding to their lifelike nature. Here, take a peek:


Cue the collective “Awwwww!”-ing. For the curious, here’s what @Dongurinekobei’s cats look like in real life:

Oh goodness. So much cuteness. If you’ll excuse me, I think I have to go find my own kitties and give them a quick snuggle, because man. If those pictures don’t make you want to curl up with something fuzzy and adorable, I don’t know what will.

Check out more over at @Dongurinekobei's Twitter profile!

Images: @Dongurinekobei/Twitter