A.P.C. + Nike = Very, Very Cool

They've been in and out, and had some false starts over the years, but I think sneakers are finally a bonafide trend. After all, if A.P.C. is collaborating with Nike, I'd say running shoes are officially in vogue. It makes a lot of sense: First, there were the clogs, then there was the whole ugly sandals movement (heck, just a few months ago, Opening Ceremony did a collection with Tevas!) Let's face it, comfy shoes are having a moment. Thank goodness, too — because how else are we supposed to survive standing around at all of those fashion shows?

Add that to the fact that they were all over Seoul Fashion Week (not to mention Eva Chen's Imelda Marcos-worthy Instagram account), and the fact that the ever-cool A.P.C. is releasing a new collaboration with Nike on Wednesday... and if that's not proof enough that sneakers are the trend of the moment, I don't know what is.

Anyway, if you're looking to get in on this newfangled comfy shoe business, A.P.C.'s collaboration with Nike is probably the place to start. Practical, minimal, and comfortable as all heck, there are no drawbacks with this collection. Plus, A.P.C. ever so politely designed the shoe in three colors — charcoal grey, pale grey, and black, so you're not going to have any trouble in the matching department, either.

Let's take a look:

Kind of perfect, right? They're available starting Wednesday, November 5th, so get your credit card all ready to go!

Images: apc_paris/Instagram