Macklemore Dressed Up As An Adorable Granny

What would you do if a celebrity showed up at your door asking for candy on Halloween? It's not out of the question, and in fact, it happened to several Seattle residents when Macklemore decided to dress up like a grandma and go trick-or-treating. Luckily for us, the whole adventure was caught on film for Ryan Lewis' YouTube channel. The rapper was asked by his fiancee Tricia Davis to don an old lady wig and walk the streets of their Washington neighborhood on Halloween. He begrudgingly did so to "get out of the doghouse," but gave his costume some signature flair by free-styling and dancing in the street on his way to get some candy.

Macklemore seemed to have some stage fright about the whole deal, backing out of knocking on a couple of doors. "I can't do this, man. This is so creepy" he said laughing. But he did trick-or-treat at a few houses where he was met with mixed reactions. Most places just handed him candy along with the rest of the children, and looked a little annoyed that he was clearly not a kid.

But one young boy challenged the rapper by questioning how old he was. "Twelve," the singer said, backing away slowly, candy in hand. "You look like Macklemore," said the astute kid. He didn't look weirded out by the occurrence, because really is a grandma outfit any weirder than some of the things Macklemore has agreed to wear in the past?

Not everyone recognized the celeb, though. But I don't blame them because I probably wouldn't be expecting someone famous to come knocking on my door, either. Most of the people in the video just looked at him like he was just an old dude wearing a grandma wig. But some did know who he was and were treated to some selfies with the singer.

My conclusion after watching this video is that I think more stars should trick-or-treat in random neighborhoods. Either you either get away with it, or you kind of stun people who aren't expecting it—and that's always fun to do whether you're a celebrity or not.

Images: macklemore.e/Instagram; weheartit