AnnaLynne Won't Be Held Back

90210's Naomi Clark is taking a stand for women and we wouldn't have it any other way! In a chat with Us Weekly, actress AnnaLynne McCord talks about her career dreams, which she says won't be dictated by the unfortunate gender stereotypes of Hollywood. Yes, she's known for playing the sexy, bad girl on the small screen, but that doesn't mean McCord doesn't have a mind of her own, and I, frankly, can't get enough of her wisdom.

One of McCord's goals is to become a female director, but, sadly, that is still somewhat seen as a male dominated industry (save for Kathryn Bigelow who became the first Oscar-winning female director). "To be a woman in Hollywood and using your voice, I think, as far as wanting to direct, that's still very much a man's world in this town, and I want to be another woman who offers her point of view and her vision." As you should, McCord!

Where does she find her drive? As the actress explains,

I've been driven by a lot of things in my life as far as success is concerned. Initially, the drive was the feeling that there was a lot of people against me that [said] "You can't do this for different reasons" or just that I was from a trailer park and knew nobody. Success at this point has become about being the most excellent human being I can be. That means that I'm happy doing what I'm doing, that I'm inspired and inspiring the people around me, and that when I go to bed at night, I get a good night's rest.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every day McCord checks in with herself to make sure she's making a bit of a change, for the world and for herself. This makes sense, especially because her "motivational mantra" is, "Be the change you want to see in the world," which comes from Gandhi.

All hail McCord! Let's add her to our list of young women inspiring others to let their voice be heard and make a difference in this male-focused world.

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