Mae Whitman's The Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan

Some things are just meant to be, and Taylor Swift and Mae Whitman together forever seems to be one of those things. Whether that'll evolve from Whitman's fandom into a mutually accepted soul match is yet to be seen, but in the meantime it's perfectly clear: Mae Whitman is Taylor Swift's ultimate fan, and it is genuinely fun to watch one awesome lady love another. I kind of can't help but ship it.

Whitman's love of Swift has manifested in many beautiful ways, mostly witnessed by those of us cursed not to be close to her through social media. Her interactions with Parenthood co-stars and friends Sarah Ramos, Dax Shepard, and Miles Heizer have yielded public expressions of her Swiftian love at different times. And it's all beautiful. Let us bask in it, and feel it deeply.

She Dreams Of Being the Subject Of Swift's Love Songs

One of the best things about the subset of people out there who (like me) hope that Taylor Swift will one day embrace romance with ladies and write a ragingly sapphic album about it is that there is a very long line of women already formed and eagerly awaiting their chance to be a part of that beautiful hypothetical moment in out culture's future. Whitman is joyfully camped out at the front of that line.

Can you imagine the female harem of wives that Taylor Swift could form if she so pleased? Take us to there, Taylor. Take us to there.

She dances to Swift songs with great abandon

Is there any other proper way to dance to Swift songs?

She reacts to Swift Like Kate Middleton Reacts to Idris Elba

The height difference alone makes this a quality ship.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She communicates with and about friends in Swiftian lyrics


And acts them out as theater

As it should be.

She just can't hold it in

Nor should she.

Let us all pray to the Swiftian gods that Swift will one day make this love a mutual thing.

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