This Is the Best Premise For a Romantic Comedy

In order to travel the world for free, would you trust a complete stranger? Well, if yes, then you might be in luck…a young Canadian man is offering someone free tickets for a trip around the world, and the only requirements are that you are named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian passport.

A few months ago Jordan Axani (pictured above) broke up with his girlfriend, the original Elizabeth Gallagher in his life. The only problem; he had bought her tickets for an epic holiday trip, with destinations including Milan, Prague, Bangkok, and New Delhi. After the breakup he was left with tickets that would be too expensive and complicated to change, and would just go to waste if he did nothing about it. So Axani and his friends took to brainstorming over dinner one night, and decided that he should look for another Elizabeth Gallagher by turning to the power of the internet.

So, Axani posted his quandary on Reddit, looking to make the day of some lucky Elizabeth. He is very clear that he is not looking for money, a romantic interest, or even a travel companion (though, Vice points out that this is the best premise for a rom-com EVER). According to his Reddit post, Axani says “I am not looking for anything in return. I am not looking for companionship, romance, drugs, a trade, or to take selfies with you in front the Christmas Market in Prague... Really the only thing I ask for is that you enjoy this trip and that it bring you happiness.” He adds, “We can travel together and see some cool stuff - or not. I'm easy and have no problem with someone taking the tickets and doing their own thing (see ya on the plane!).”

It also seems quite clear that Axani is not a creepy serial killer (though if I've learned anything by binge watching Criminal Minds, it’s that you never know). In an interview with Vice, he said that his dream outcome would be “that someone will be able to put the ticket to good use by seeing parts of the world they've always wanted to see, but maybe haven't been able to.” How sweet is that? On his Reddit post, he also asks that whoever gets the ticket will pay it forward, in their own way.

Axani’s story has been going viral, and has even been picked up by local news radio in Kuopio, Finland, and Canada’s CTV. With all of the media attention, Axani is sure to find a traveling partner that fits the bill (er, ticket). So if you have no holiday plans, the legal name Elizabeth Gallagher, and a Canadian passport, what are you waiting for? Just be sure to send us photos from your trip.

Images: Jordan Axani/Facebook (2)