The 2014 Midterm Election in Memes

I don't know what it says about our culture that every major event births its own crop of memes with it. And that includes the 2014 midterm elections. Because what would we be doing if we weren't creating tweetable evidence of our voting patterns? Would we be... Actually voting? (Please go vote today, by the way. Just do it.)

Memes are a millennial's answer to the that whole brevity is the soul of wit thing. For a few short years, it was the incredibly simple way that we communicated about politics, pop culture, and the mysteries of life while older generations scratched their heads. But it seems like the Internet let our secret out. In the last few elections, memes have moved beyond normative negativity and snark and taken political stances. They have been tweaked, engineered, and often bastardized by campaigns halfheartedly attempting to win over younger voters. (And, for your reference, that never works, campaign managers.)

But, for better or worse, the 2014 midterm election memes have arrived. They've been in campaigns. They've been on your newsfeeds. And now they are rounded up for you in one easy, all-access pass to political knowledge via pictures with words on them.

What this tells us: Kentucky incumbent Mitch McConnell is currently the Senate minority leader. If the Republicans take control of the Senate (which is likely), then it will bump McConnell up to the majority leader. Apparently, it is his DrEaM jOb, and he vows some major changes for the Senate.

What this tells us: Kansas Independent candidate Greg Orman could be the candidate that foils Republican plans to take over the Senate. Just a few months ago, his campaign to unseat the three-term vet Senator Pat Roberts seemed futile. Now, he could upset the entire race.

What this tells us: If the Republicans have control in both the House and the Senate, there won't be much that the president can do aside from squabble with veto power and scold them about bipartisan relations. But, hate to break it to you, Barry, your legacy wasn't that great to begin with.

What this tells us: *WHEW* Is anybody hot in here? I mean, wow. What, uhhh, what was I saying? Oh. Go vote. You've already missed your opportunity to register. But you should definitely vote the next chance you get, because Ryan Gosling says so and civic democracy is grand.

What this tells us: Not exactly a meme, but it is still brilliant. This tells us that whoever was voting behind Meme King Mitch McConnell isn't down with this breach of voter privacy. Or Mitch, for that matter.

Images: Fusion (3), Anne Arundel County Young Democrats (1)