So An "Ebola Patients Dating Site" Parody Exists

So. This is happening. The Internet now has a video parodying an Ebola dating service called weBola, because of course it does and because when something is so deeply horrible that there's no reconciling it, the best you can do is make jokes and have some hearty #sadLOLs about it. The byline to the fictional dating site is "Life's short. Then You Meet Someone. Then You Die." It's "the first and only dating services for those recently diagnosed with the Big E." The video also features many death, Ebola and illness-meets-dating and love puns, many of which are super corny Dad Jokes. Like when the narrator describes how weBola will "promise to match you with that perfect person who will make those knots in your stomach feel like butterflies." Zing? Ugh. Yes, that groan is both at the dad-ness of the joke, and the reminder of how heinous Ebola is. He then goes on to introduce patients 4 and 6, who give even more pun laden testimonials, complete with blood tears. It's Annie Hall for the ebola age. Sort of. OK, not really.

You can't see me right now, but I am slow-clapping in between typing sentences. I suppose some people will find this funny (the kinds of people who find ebola hysteria in the U.S. ridiculous, I guess) and then I supposed there are some people who will find this deeply offensive (the kinds of people who are hysterical about Ebola in the U.S.) What are you going to do though? We live in a time when anything a person can conceive, the Internet will achieve. This is one of those things we just have to accept as part of The Way The World Works Now. You can be as incredulous as you like about it, but my advice is that this one might not be worth the huffing and puffing you might be tending towards right now, being that as soon as Ebola hit US shores, this video was an unavoidable inevitability. To be fair, someone probably would've made an Ebola parody video as soon as the outbreak began overseas, but in typical American fashion, we didn't really give it a whole lot of our attention until it potentially affected us personally. Shrug. Watch below, have thoughts, don't have thoughts, but remember: the Internet will ALWAYS vomit something about anything into the ether, and it doesn't care what you think at all.

Image: TheFinalEdition/YouTube