All the "I Voted!" Stickers of the Midterms

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It's officially Election Day, and you know what that means: a ton of "I Voted!" stickers will start appearing on social media. Just as marathon runners deserve their medals upon completion, voters deserve their badge of honor for doing something that could potentially change the course of the nation. Voting is no small feat — sure, it may take but a mere few minutes and it's a lot simpler of a process than running 26.2 miles, but it helps decide who gets control of the House and Senate, aka the people who pass laws in this country. Everything from how much you make per hour to how much access you have to birth control are influenced by the men and women in Congress. So, if you vote on Tuesday, show off your badge — er, sticker — of honor!

The range of stickers starting to appear on social media run the gamut from the straightforward to the creatively homemade — along with one pretty chuckle-worthy (and extremely cynical) meme. If you think about it, getting an "I Voted!" sticker kind of fulfills the "pics or it didn't happen" challenge. And posting your sticker on social media takes that challenge one step further. However, just remember — no matter how much you're pressured to spill, who you actually voted for is none of anyone's business. But feel free to make your nifty voting souvenir everyone's business.

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