The First Gaffe of Midterm Election Day

Okay, so he had good intentions. But Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's Twitter gaffe is officially the first of the midterm elections. And, hey, considering the fact that, by the day's end, we might be guaranteed gridlock and more political in-fighting (not to mention some scary control over our reproductive rights), you know, maybe we could use a chuckle or two. Well, Gov. Nixon definitely provided that Tuesday morning, when the Democratic governor urged his constituents to get out the vote on Twitter: "Voting in JCMO this morning. Make sure to cast your ballot and make your voice heard #Election 2014".

Innocent enough, and a necessary message for sure — if only it wasn't accompanied by the backside of a woman voting. Well, more accurately, the butt crack of a woman voting. Shortly after tweeting out the image, Gov. Nixon — or whoever handles his handle — deleted the picture and replaced it with one of the governor checking in with election volunteers. But, when it comes to the Internet, it was far, far too late for Gov. Nixon.

For your election Schadenfreude pleasure, here's a screenshot of the deleted image, tweeted out by the St. Louis Dispatch's Valerie Schremp Hahn:

And serious props belong to Hahn for her follow-up tweet:

But Hahn was not the only one cracking (heh) jokes:

Hey, at least his message was heard. Go vote!