Daft Punk or RoboCop?

If you've opened Twitter, Google, or Facebook in the last 19 hours, you've probably been urged to watch the trailer for the new RoboCop remake approximately 3,000 times. And it's true, director Jose Padilha's take on the 1987 classic about a robotic policeman in dystopian Detroit (let's be kind, folks) is worth your attention, whether you're feeling positive about the remake or you're looking to rip it to shreds.

One of the aspects driving die-hard fans batty is the new look of Joel Kinneman's new RoboCop. It's sleek, it's dark, it's only slightly reminiscent of the bulky crime fighter we once knew.

But perhaps there's one way to explain the shift in appearance: the hotly debated new RoboCop looks very, very familiar. Is Padilha a big "Get Lucky" fan, or what?

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Come on, you had to know where we were going with this one, folks.