Who Will Win 'Celebrity Apprentice' Season 14? It's Already a Close Race

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Unless you've been living under a rock all morning, you've probably heard that Donald Trump announced the cast members who are joining Celebrity Apprentice for its 14th season when it premieres early next year. And, good news: This season is already shaping up to be one for the books based on the group of celebrities that Trump managed to assemble. I mean, who'dve ever guessed that we'd see Ian Ziering, Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson, Kate Gosselin, and Gilbert Gottfried in the same room together, ever?

Though season 14 unfortunately isn't set to premiere until Jan. 4, that doesn't mean we have to wait until 2015 rolls around to start guessing who's going to take home the title of Celebrity Apprentice winner amongst this group — after all, the beauty of the Internet age and having the cast list in front of us means that we can start speculating right now.

So, who's most likely to win next season? Let's take a look:

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