Kim's New Look Is... Something Else

Listen, Kim Kardashian. Stop doing quirky weird things to make me even more obsessed with you. The reality star's latest endeavor? Kim Kardashian bleached her eyebrows, in what I'm most definitely calling her most daring beauty move ever. And, the fact that it's likely all a big stinkin' joke pushes me deeper and deeper into my general love for the whole Kardashian family.

Kim K revealed her, um, makeover, on Instagram, posting a photo of herself at little sister Kendall's birthday party, alongside hubby Kanye West and apparent friend Cara Delevingne, with the caption "#EyebrowsOnFleek." On fleek indeed, Kardashian. I have no idea what the occasion was, but, clearly, I'm blaming Delevingne for this one. After all, the model had the Internet up in arms when she walked in Givenchy's Fashion Week Show with a set of bleached brows.

Everyone was freaking out earlier this week when Kardashian's hair stylist posted a photo that made it look like Kimmy had maybe-but-possibly-it-was-just-the-wind cut layers into her hair, so I can only imagine what the reaction will be to the complete obliteration of her eyebrows. Whatever — I'm just stoked to see Kim K not taking her appearance so seriously.

What do you think? Will you be running to bleach your brows next? (Yeah, I'm good, but you do you.)